MORE Stage Names: Revealed!

Time to spill MORE secrets behind the stage names of your favorite burlesque and drag stars! From alliteration to 60’s girl groups–the origins of these alter-egos are fascinating. Make sure you check the Burlesqueadelphia Event Calendar frequently to see these performers in person.

“My original name was ‘Julius Seizure’ but it didn’t have a ring to it, was often mispronounced when announced and was just generally lame. I’m a big fan of alliteration so I brainstormed first names starting with a ‘C.’ Happened upon Christian Crusade.” -Christian Crusade

Christian Crusade. Photo: Kelly A. Burkhardt.

“Mine was also one of those “your stripper name is…” the name of your first pet (Samantha) followed by the name of the street you grew up on (Old Turnpike Road), which beautifully shortened to Samantha Turnpike.” -Samantha Turnpike

“I named myself after Mary Weiss of The Shangri-las. A lot of my early acts were 60’s girl group songs. My style has evolved but I still wear the beehive almost exclusively.” -Mary Vice

Lily Rollerhoops. Photo: David E. Christman.

“My  friend Mallory, 9 years ago, knew i could hula hoop while roller skating. I left her a comment on MySpace (remember MySpace?!) saying something like “Hello Miss Mallory”, and she replied “Hello Little Miss Rollerhoops”. I didnt see her at all for like 2 years following, and in that time started using it as my stage name. I was performing at Webster Hall, saw her and did a double take. We epicly hugged, i grabbed her hand and brought her over to the schedule that was posted with the performers and showed her that I’d been using it. 7 years later, Little Miss Rollerhoops is still around (not Lily ha).” -Little Miss Rollerhoops

“My stage name, Sable Hare, comes from me being distinguishable for having long, black hair and my love for bunny rabbits. It’s a literal pun description.” -Sable Hare


“My original stage name (Aly Katz) was a really lazy pun that I thought of in two minutes because I didn’t want to do Naked Girls Reading under my muggle name. Turns out there’s an actual journalist working in Philly by that name. Oops. So a year later when I got “serious” about doing burlesque I brainstormed by looking at names that were popular in the 30s and 40s and put together as many as I loved until it clicked. Felt right to write it out on paper and say out loud. Felt like ME.” -Hattie Harlowe

Hattie Harlowe. Photo: Zamzuki Digital.

“Champagne is sweet and bubbly and I was originally supposed to be a dumb comedy queen. But then she kind of morphed and now I’m basically like Peaches from Rocko’s Modern Life. My drag mother gave me Showers as a last night which is basically the raspberry in the… Champagne. It’s a slow burn.” -Champagne Showers

“My burlesque/strip club owner / replacement evil mother gave it to me. She said I was like the girl next door with the evil of herself (her name was Jezebel) I became the Jezabelle from the plain Jane. Jezabelle Von Jane. RIP Jezebel.” -Jezabelle von Jane

Jezabelle von Jane

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