Featured Performer: Sophie Sucré

If Sophie Sucré isn’t part of your world yet, prepare to be obsessed. This bold, talented burlesque performer from the South dug deep to offer Burlesqueadelphia a peek into her life and art. Continue reading Featured Performer: Sophie Sucré


“Think, Pussycat!: How Did You Get Into Burlesque?”

Welcome to a new regular feature at Burlesqueadelphia: Spreaditorials, opinions and insights from luminaries in the burlesque community. Our first contributor is none other than Sway Bradbury, an esteemed staple of the scene who made her re-debut at the July Honeygasm.  I think every burlesque dancer has received an email, Facebook message, or after-show grilling session that contained some form of “How did you get … Continue reading “Think, Pussycat!: How Did You Get Into Burlesque?”