“Think, Pussycat!: How Did You Get Into Burlesque?”

Welcome to a new regular feature at Burlesqueadelphia: Spreaditorials, opinions and insights from luminaries in the burlesque community. Our first contributor is none other than Sway Bradbury, an esteemed staple of the scene who made her re-debut at the July Honeygasm.  I think every burlesque dancer has received an email, Facebook message, or after-show grilling session that contained some form of “How did you get … Continue reading “Think, Pussycat!: How Did You Get Into Burlesque?”

Featured Performer: Sharp Robert

We asked Sharp Robert to put down his light saber for one short minute and answer a few questions about his art. He agreed, but refused to remove his superhero mask. We agreed to the terms because, how can you say no to such commitment to nerdlesque? Continue reading Featured Performer: Sharp Robert